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Mural for DRL Mumbai (2022)

Mural; Acrylics on Plain Wall 
Made on Procreate
7020 x 4950

Humsafar is the one you share the road with.
A companion. A fellow traveler.

For a musician, their humsafar may be a guitar. For me as a visual artist, it is a pencil. In the journey, the artist is accompanied by its beloved tools. These old friends, although inanimate, have been together, in love, and through pain. Somewhere, it appears that these tools surrender themselves to the artist, for the creations to come through. In a similar vein, and from a spiritual perspective, I believe that the artist surrenders to the divine unknown for art to emerge and reveal all that silence keeps secret.

In this project, I’ve attempted to pay homage to and capture the essence of musicians merging with their humsafar, as music unveils all that is mystical.